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The RPGWW Takedown

Chat Log: Laying the groundwork

The RPGWW Takedown

Chat Log: Laying the groundwork

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A chatlog with a friend very finely covers the intent of everything here. Recorded last night while talking to cutebelly (now registered on RPGWW as Lady H. Kitten).

Hello Kitten says: hi
Wolfbelly says: Hey, how goes?
Hello Kitten says: all right, how are you?
Wolfbelly says: Doing quite well.
Wolfbelly says: Me and Dr Ninja have begun planning something fun.
Hello Kitten says: oh?
Wolfbelly says: Yes.
Wolfbelly says: we're going to do a little test with the RPGWW boards.

Wolfbelly says: I could link you if you're interested, but you're probably not.
Wolfbelly says: Anyway, the boards are full of pathetic losers who have serious denial issues.
Hello Kitten says: nice
Wolfbelly says: Me and Dr Ninja have been hated on there for ... well ... a long time. I know I've been hated on there ever since I began posting there.
Hello Kitten says: why?
Wolfbelly says: *shrugs* I dunno.
Wolfbelly says: Maybe I'm a little too "real" for them.
Wolfbelly says: Anyway, point is, we've annoyed people on there lots.
Hello Kitten says: right, right
Wolfbelly says: Hell, we've actively antagonized people on there from time to time. He's made the administrator cry!
Wolfbelly says: And now, we're going to run the test of "How much will it take for us to get banned?"
Hello Kitten says: HAHAHAHA
Hello Kitten says: whaaaat?
Hello Kitten says: how???
Hello Kitten says: how long has this torment been going on?
Hello Kitten says: and what happened to cause the crying?
Wolfbelly says: Oh, right. Sorry ... we've been members of that board for at LEAST a few years.
Wolfbelly says: I basically got on their during my initial days at Ipsos.
Wolfbelly says: As for what got Dia to cry, Dr Ninja posted a thread on how bad the forum sucked.
Wolfbelly says: And Dia, the administrator, came in and made a post that amounted to "the reason this forum sucks is because people like YOU come in and post what YOU say."
Wolfbelly says: To which Dr Ninja replied "Hey, don't blame me for YOUR problems."
Wolfbelly says: To which she cried.
Wolfbelly says: Because she's lame.
Hello Kitten says: how do you know she cried?
Hello Kitten says: O.o
Wolfbelly says:
Wolfbelly says: Hey, how did you know that Dia cried in response to your post?
Dr Ninja PhD says: everyone was talking about it
Dr Ninja PhD says: "He made Dia cry!" *gasp!* *shock!* *scandal!*

Hello Kitten says: ...
Hello Kitten says: yeah, I dunno
Hello Kitten says: well, regardless, chick sounds like a real nozzle
Hello Kitten says: carry on
Wolfbelly says: Yes. So we've decided on a series of phases that our gradual forum subversion will take.
Hello Kitten says: hm
Hello Kitten says: Intriguing
Wolfbelly says: Phase 1: Participation. Me and Dr Ninja post and comment like regular people attempting to further the conversations that exist. We don't actively insult, flame-bait, or sarcastically tear people apart.
Hello Kitten says: hm, okay, incognito
Hello Kitten says: I like it
Wolfbelly says: Right.
Wolfbelly says: Phase 2: Pestering/Annoyance. Me and Dr Ninja sarcastically comment in threads and actively derail threads. If someone says something retarded, we can flame them, and we only resort to personal attacks if someone said soemthing retarded or attacked us.
Wolfbelly says: Insults are limited to offensive, but based on ridiculous precepts.
Hello Kitten says: hm, okay, gotcha
Wolfbelly says: Phase 3: Antagonistic. Me and Dr Ninja actively get up in their face about who they are. We call people on their shit and bring their truth into light.
Hello Kitten says: heh, this sounds like a lot of time and effort
Wolfbelly says: It will be, I'm treating it as a work of art, actually.
Hello Kitten says: *laughs*
Wolfbelly says: I want this to go off perfectly.
Wolfbelly says: Phase 4: Harassment. We go beyond pointing fingers at their lameness and stupidity, and actively insult them. Insults are based off of offensive, but not rediculous, precepts.
Wolfbelly says: Phase 4.5: SEXUAL Harassment. As above, except we also assult their minds and/or eyes with sexual offensiveness.
Hello Kitten says: *laughs*
Wolfbelly says: And Phase 5: Deconstructive. This is where me and Dr Ninja, having failed to get banned, actively tear the forum apart.
Wolfbelly says: Phases 1 through 4.5 will take place in 7-14 day time spans.
Wolfbelly says: The deconstructive phase will take MAXIMUM 4-6 hours.
Hello Kitten says: so each phase lasts 7-14 days?
Hello Kitten says: or 7-14 days for the whole thing?
Wolfbelly says: About that, yeah.
Hello Kitten says: *laughs*
Wolfbelly says: Each phase, 7-14 days.
Hello Kitten says: and what is the ultimate goal here?
Wolfbelly says: well, the goal is to see where we get banned.
Wolfbelly says: And if we don't get banned, then we'll pretty much justify everything we've done up to that point, tell them they suck and have no spines, and then probably leave.
Hello Kitten says: oy
Hello Kitten says: how far do you see yourselves getting?
Wolfbelly says: Honestly? We're planning for deconstructive.
Hello Kitten says: oh boy
Hello Kitten says: hahaha

Hello Kitten says: I kind of wish I could see this
Wolfbelly says: Oh, don't worry. You WILL be able to see this.
Wolfbelly says: I'm impressing upon Dr Ninja the absolute necessity of us to log EVERYTHING.
Hello Kitten says: hahaha, why?
Hello Kitten says: posterity?
Wolfbelly says: POSTerity, yes! exactly!
Wolfbelly says: I want to create a new livejournal account to track everything with.
Hello Kitten says: hahaha, yes, you must!
Hello Kitten says: I want to read!
Wolfbelly says: I'm also actively recruiting people to assist with specific tasks during these phases.
Wolfbelly says: Would you be up for helping out?
Hello Kitten says: hmmm
Wolfbelly says: The tasks vary.
Hello Kitten says: depends what you want me to do/how much of a time commitment I'd have to make
Wolfbelly says: But basically, it's "act like a retard newb to the forums"
Hello Kitten says: oh
Hello Kitten says: hm
Hello Kitten says: *makes faces*
Wolfbelly says: It wouldn't be too much of a time commitment.
Wolfbelly says: I'd ask you to make two or three posts to start with. Probably just two.
Hello Kitten says: what's this forum about again?
Wolfbelly says: role playing games.
Hello Kitten says: oh
Wolfbelly says: They're all nerds.
Wolfbelly says: ANIME nerds, no less.
Hello Kitten says: hm
Hello Kitten says: so I could post hundreds upon thousands of hello kitty pictures?
Hello Kitten says: or is that going too far?
Wolfbelly says: Certainly!
Wolfbelly says: But I'd save that for the deconstructive phase.
Hello Kitten says: *laughs*
Wolfbelly says: I'm planning some specific threads/pranks to do during this entire phase to annoy everyone.
Hello Kitten says: such as?
Hello Kitten says: heh, this is actually pretty interesting
Hello Kitten says: I'm all about deconstruction
Wolfbelly says: One of them would involve a post in the OOC RP forum asking to recruit people for an RP.
Wolfbelly says: Then, I'd get all the newbs to "register" for the RP thread.
Wolfbelly says: Then, later I'd create the RP thread and would request of everyone that they spam retardedly in it.
Wolfbelly says: Very lame and basic direction re: gamemastering and such.
Wolfbelly says: The thread itself will be a mockery of the "roleplaying via forum" genre.
Hello Kitten says: I don't follow
Wolfbelly says: http://pub30.ezboard.com/brpgww60462 here's the forum.
Wolfbelly says: http://p068.ezboard.com/frpgww60462frm1 here's the RP main forum. RP = roleplay.
Wolfbelly says: http://p068.ezboard.com/frpgww60462frm1.showMessageRange?topicID=231.topic&start=221&stop=240 here's an example of what the depths of an RP thread look like.
Hello Kitten says: hm, it's ugly
Hello Kitten says: hahahaha, this is the dorkiest thing ever
Wolfbelly says: *chuckles*
Hello Kitten says: oh lord, I could totally do this
Wolfbelly says: *nods*
Hello Kitten says: like... only with 100% more retardation
Hello Kitten says: I couldn't do it seriously like these dorks do
Wolfbelly says: hehehe
Wolfbelly says: Oh, and they get serious.
Wolfbelly says: There's disputes over whether some character is overpowered or not.
Hello Kitten says: BUT
Hello Kitten says: my character would have to be hello kitty.
Hello Kitten says: or some hello kitty derivative.
Hello Kitten says: that's my only proviso
Wolfbelly says: heheheh
Hello Kitten says: I'm a small animated talking cat
Wolfbelly says: Sounds awesome, if you ask me.
Hello Kitten says: so how many people subscribe to this?
Hello Kitten says: O.o
Wolfbelly says: Too many.
Wolfbelly says: 662 registered members.
Hello Kitten says: and I don't know what to say
Hello Kitten says: it has to be believable
Wolfbelly says: well, that's why I want you to post at least two threads.
Wolfbelly says:
1: "Hi, I'm new!"
2: "Hey, this forum is great!!"

Wolfbelly says: Outside of that, slip yourself right in.
Hello Kitten says: hahaha
Hello Kitten says: build it and they will come
Hello Kitten says: I guess the other thing is, you can't have everyone join at once
Hello Kitten says: that'll be too obvious
Wolfbelly says: Well, here's the thing.
Wolfbelly says: I'll slowly be recruiting and moving people onto the forums in an unobtrusive sort of way.
Wolfbelly says: If they detect anything suspicious, I'm positive they won't connect that these new people, and me and Dr Ninja's sudden abrasiveness are connected.

Hello Kitten says: wow, so why are they so retarded?
Wolfbelly says: Like, keep in mind, these people ARE the people that everyone picked on in high school.
Wolfbelly says: These ARE the people who fooled themselves into thinking they were infinitely superior to others because they were smart and/or accused.
Wolfbelly says: And these ARE the people who hated the cliques that formed and excluded everyone else in highschool.
Wolfbelly says: so naturally, they banded together to form their own little clique and give other outsiders a rough time.
Hello Kitten says: heh
Wolfbelly says: I imagine that one of two things will happen to newcomers.
Wolfbelly says: 1. They'll be ignored.
Wolfbelly says: 2. They'll be hated.
Wolfbelly says: It's retarded, but that's the way it is.
Hello Kitten says: heh
Wolfbelly says: But anyway, things are still in the planning phase.
Wolfbelly says: More has to be planned.
Wolfbelly says: Like, I want to have a set schedule of when certain things should happen by. When certain threads should be created. When people get onto the boards.
Wolfbelly says: And I'd like to plan out the "territory" that we claim.
Wolfbelly says: Like, we'd start in the discussion forum and the random forum.
Hello Kitten says: mmhmm
Wolfbelly says: Then we'd move into the fanfiction forum, the works forum, and the RP forum.
Wolfbelly says: Oh, here's something you'd chuckle at.
Wolfbelly says: I'm the mod of one of the forums.
Wolfbelly says: It happened as a joke.
Wolfbelly says: I'm thinking of, during the deconstruction phase, moving out EVERY thread from the unspoken forum into mainstream.
Wolfbelly says: some of them, I'll re-edit to be more offensive.
Wolfbelly says: Like one gem I came up with today "If women were born to bear the pain of childbirth, why do they complain so much when you feed them a couple of shots to the mouth?"
Wolfbelly says: The funny thing is, I can re-edit other people's posts.
Hello Kitten says: hahaha, you're still mod of one of the forums???
Hello Kitten says: let's see!
Wolfbelly says: So suddenly, there's going to be forums like "The Wank Thread" in the mainstream regular forum. And another forum taking an ignorant look at wife-beating.
Wolfbelly says: Unfortunately you can't see it because you don't have access.
Hello Kitten says: oh
Wolfbelly says: log in under me.
Wolfbelly says: wolfbelly?stfulol
Wolfbelly says: You'll see the unspoken forum.
Hello Kitten says: link
Wolfbelly says: http://p068.ezboard.com/brpgww60462
Hello Kitten says: hahaha
Wolfbelly says: Found it?
Hello Kitten says: yes
Wolfbelly says: It's lame.
Wolfbelly says: As far as unspoken forums go, it's lacking a ton.
Hello Kitten says: *chuckle*
Wolfbelly says: Hey, here's an example of what happens to newbies.
Wolfbelly says: http://p068.ezboard.com/frpgww60462frm4.showMessage?topicID=1931.topic
Wolfbelly says:
Person makes post: "Hey, here's an idea that I think would be fun for RP"
Admin: "What? We don't do that here."
Loser: "Random shit!"
Newb: "Oh, okay ... thanks."
Admin: "Get out"
Loser: "Random shit!"

Hello Kitten says: *laughs*
Hello Kitten says: so who is the leader of this nonsense?
Wolfbelly says: There's a few.
Wolfbelly says: Brian, a.k.a. Archmage144. Dia, a.k.a. Dia or Rydia or something. Mike, Dia's soon to be Husband, a.k.a. WKD/White Knight Delta. And I think ... Adam, who never posts.
Wolfbelly says: Like, "leader" is an odd term to use, since it's collectively run by a clique.
Hello Kitten says: I see
Hello Kitten says: very odd.

Hello Kitten says: do pictures of any of these losers exist anywhere?
Wolfbelly says: Hah! Yes!
Hello Kitten says: SHOW
Wolfbelly says: http://p068.ezboard.com/frpgww60462frm19.showMessage?topicID=24.topic
Wolfbelly says: Dia is the fat person who is also ugly in the avatar picture.
Hello Kitten says: *laughs*
Hello Kitten says: *dies*
Wolfbelly says: hehehe
Hello Kitten says: holy crap
Hello Kitten says: he bears a striking resemblance to fat bastard
Hello Kitten says: only thinner, of course
Wolfbelly says: The guy with the red throat beard?
Hello Kitten says: yes
Wolfbelly says: Yeah, that's Pervy.
Wolfbelly says: As Dr Ninja described him "He's the guy that if you ever saw him get on the bus, you'd think 'Pleasedon'tsitbyme. Pleasedon'tsitbyme. Pleasedon'tsitbyme."
Hello Kitten says: *laughs*
Hello Kitten says: so is he the only one in question?
Hello Kitten says: who are all the other people?
Hello Kitten says: oh god, they all hurt my eyes
Wolfbelly says: *nods*
Wolfbelly says: You wanted to see who they are. You have seen.
Wolfbelly says: I don't fully know who all the other people are.
Wolfbelly says: Aside from a bunch of ugly losers who'll be forced to marry each other like some sort of inbred oklahoma family.
Hello Kitten says: http://zeke.tzo.com/rpgww/meets/2005-02_daytonshenanigans/diane_headlesstrevplusfez.jpg
Hello Kitten says: this guy scares me
Hello Kitten says: I mean, more than the others
Wolfbelly says: I like how everyone there has a ponch.
Hello Kitten says: and is UGLY
Wolfbelly says: Oh yes, VERY ugly.
Hello Kitten says: these are truly disturbing photos
Hello Kitten says: *admits*
Wolfbelly says: http://zeke.tzo.com/rpgww/meets/misc/2002_group02.jpg
Hello Kitten says: like... I imagine myself into them and I'm disturbed
Wolfbelly says: The guy in the middle with the 40's haircut is Archmage144.
Hello Kitten says: oh god, it's like christmas for the mentally challenged
Hello Kitten says: *does best retardo-laugh*
Wolfbelly says: The guy that looks like a virgin is Priam.
Hello Kitten says: uhm
Hello Kitten says: so you failed to mention that these people are nasty
Hello Kitten says: and they all look like virgins to me, dude
Wolfbelly says: Why do you think they use a forum to communicate all the time?
Wolfbelly says: They're vastly hideous, it's the only refuge where they'll be accepted.
Hello Kitten says: like lepers.
Wolfbelly says: and jews.
Hello Kitten says: what I don't understand is why they take photos
Hello Kitten says: *admits*
Wolfbelly says: http://p068.ezboard.com/frpgww60462frm19.showMessage?topicID=33.topic Here's more!
Wolfbelly says: It's funny, because in the second picture it looks like the two alpha males (noticeably larger than the others) have taken the omega male and are considering him as a food source.
Hello Kitten says: *laughs*
Hello Kitten says: I just looked at the second picture
Hello Kitten says: uhm... why is that guy named Pervy, exactly?
Hello Kitten says: O.o
Wolfbelly says: I'm not sure.
Wolfbelly says: I think it's because of that time he molested all those kids.
Hello Kitten says: *makes faces*
Hello Kitten says: these people are all... icky
Wolfbelly says: And that's why we must do what we must do.
Hello Kitten says: seriously though
Hello Kitten says: I can't picture any of these people getting married and/or reproducing
Wolfbelly says: Well, two of them are.
Wolfbelly says: with each other no less!
Hello Kitten says: *makes faces*
Hello Kitten says: maybe one of them is infertile?
Wolfbelly says: http://zeke.tzo.com/rpgww/meets/2003-08_otakon/diane_tram.jpg the two in the front are getting married.
Wolfbelly says: We can only hope.
Wolfbelly says: It looks like the one on the left has cancer.
Wolfbelly says: And the one on the right has a terminal case of ugly.
Hello Kitten says: I like how the first comment after that mass-ugly-photo-post comments on how it appears that some of them could use gamma correction
Hello Kitten says: hooboy, they need more than that
Wolfbelly says: hahahaha
Hello Kitten says: are those two nasties together?
Hello Kitten says: (the bus picture)
Wolfbelly says: yes.
Hello Kitten says: oh god, can you imagine those two having kids?
Hello Kitten says: seriouszzly
Hello Kitten says: the world is not ready for this
Wolfbelly says: *shrugs*
Hello Kitten says: and you know what gets me most?
Hello Kitten says: even if most of these people lost about a hundred pounds...
Hello Kitten says: they'd STILL be nasty
Wolfbelly says: Without people like those two, the world would have a shortage of kids to pick on in school.
Hello Kitten says: makes me wonder what their parents look like
Wolfbelly says: Here's probably the picture that offended me the most. http://zeke.tzo.com/rpgww/meets/2003-08_otakon/shan_lollipop.jpg
Hello Kitten says: what the hell is that?
Wolfbelly says: Everything that is physically wrong with humanity.
Wolfbelly says: And a giant lollipop.
Hello Kitten says: *makes faces*
Wolfbelly says: *shrugs*
Wolfbelly says: In any case, that's the enemy.
Wolfbelly says: They're the people me and Dr Ninja will be running our "experiment" against.
Hello Kitten says: well, I can't blame you
Hello Kitten says: I half-wonder why you associate with them at all though
Wolfbelly says: There's numerous reasons.
Wolfbelly says: 1. When I'm feeling down, I can always go and shoot some fish in a barrel.
Wolfbelly says: 2. They amuse me greatly.
Hello Kitten says: hm
Hello Kitten says: *makes faces*
Hello Kitten says: so ugly though!
Wolfbelly says: *nods*

Wolfbelly says: And you should see them when they get angry on the boards.
Wolfbelly says: That's a laugh riot!
Hello Kitten says: show me!
Wolfbelly says: Hmmm ...
Wolfbelly says: http://p068.ezboard.com/frpgww60462frm11.showMessage?topicID=965.topic
Wolfbelly says: Their distaste for me is apparent.
Hello Kitten says: hm
Hello Kitten says: wow
Hello Kitten says: you weren't even being tasteless
Wolfbelly says: Oh yeah.
Wolfbelly says: When I'm tasteless, I get more blowback.
Wolfbelly says: http://p068.ezboard.com/frpgww60462frm11.showMessage?topicID=955.topic skim this, and read the response to my post.
Hello Kitten says: oh seriously, someone was going to write a paper about the FORUM?
Hello Kitten says: god.
Wolfbelly says: Yeah.
Wolfbelly says: There's a damn good reason I shouted out "NNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDD!!!"
Hello Kitten says: *laughs*
Wolfbelly says: But then someone edited out my tags, becaue I was a little too "real" for them.
Hello Kitten says: oy
Hello Kitten says: *shakes head*
Hello Kitten says: disturbing
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